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We create, shoot, film content such as social media videos, ads, promo work, marketing content. We also shoot events and weddings seasonally and offer other services such as video editing and even social media management. We basically do everything to help you level up and make your brand stand out. We are here to help.

Outside MC Media, we are a power couple who loves to travel and adventure. If you don't know we are also called:

OUR SWEET HIDEOUT, which is our main brand/channel based on world travel/tourism. We create vlogs, travel videos too. This is where we share our personal content

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Mark Sandoval

Mangoes are life

  • 16 years of experience in the world of Social Media

  • Professional Videographer/Filmmaker

  • Bachelor Degree in Science, Major in Computing

  • Award-winning Hip-hop Dancer/performer

I also ran an individual travel blog "Mark My Travels" which was a great success back in 2018, where I have partnered or been sponsored by big names such as Panasonic New Zealand, Air Asia and Zhiyun.

Basically I love technology, I keep up with the trends and understand how to build a solid brand, build a community and most of all. I create things with passion and energy.

I am leading director of Videography & Web Development for MC MEDIA

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Carina Heintz

 Nutella and Croissants for life

  • Professional Portrait/Landscape Photographer

  • 1 years experience in Videography

  • Photoshop/Lightroom expert

  • Social Media Management

  • Web Design Analyst

  • Content Creator

Hallo, as you would know I am originally from Germany. Since I was little I was passionate about taking photos and capturing all those beautiful moments and things in our world. From taking photos and creating small short films with a phone to when I 

bought my first camera when I was 14 years old. I think the creativity is definitely in my veins since I have a professional wildlife photographer and a popular Painter in my family. 

In my further education as an office clerk I couldn't 0e much creative so I started doing photography as a side business. I travelled then to Australia and Asia where I met Mark. Today we combined our talents and strengths and work side to side to fulfill our dreams. It make me proud and very happy. 


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